Quality of our realisations

It is very important to us to provide clear and very accurate information on the quality of our work, which is why we would like to ask you to read this summary carefully (even if it seems a little boring!). It gives details of the technical elements that will ensure your frames last for a long time.
●  Removal :
We remove and recycle existing windows (only relevant for renovation work).
We take measures to protect your floors, furniture and radiators.

●  PVC profiles :
All of our frames are fitted with moulded glazing beads (A) (see attached sketch) and a support (B) that follows the line of the window perfectly, hiding the drainage holes (the plugs are not visible on the frame's surface) and making it possible to fit the frame to the inside sill (between 20 and 70 mm) (C). A water deflector (D) is clipped onto the opening part of the frame and stops water from getting inside it.
The corner welds are clean and there are no visible gaps.
Each profile has an internal watertight seal and a central seal that is welded in place at all four corners.
Additional supports are placed round the edges of the fixed and opening parts of the frame if white PVC profiles measuring more that 300 mm are used. Additional supports are always used for coloured and wooden frames.
Vanishing oil is used when cutting out these galvanised steel supports, since this prevents corrosion (E).
Self-tapping screws are fixed to the supports through the frame every 30 cm and are not visible on the frame's surface.
They join the PVC to the steel and help to avoid the disastrous effects of expansion.

●  ALU profiles : RC Systems 65, three chambers
The profiles for the fixed part of the frame are 65 mm thick, while the profiles for the opening part of the frame are 75 mm thick (see sketch).

We have six different models:
●  CLASSIC : both the opening and fixed parts of the frame are flat
●  SOFTLINE : interior edges are rounded
●  RUSTIC : with fine beading, retro appearance
●  FUTURO : curved profiles
●  REKO : triangular profiles
●  HIDDEN OPENING : only the glass is visible in the light

The fixed part of the window can be made to one of three different widths. With the widest version, ceiling plastering can be set back from the hinges, which is very practical for renovation projects and new builds (e.g. with wall tiles).
All of our frames are fitted with glazing beads (which are moulded according to the model you choose) and a support that follows the line of the window perfectly, hiding the drainage holes (the plugs are not visible on the frame's surface) and making it possible to fit the frame to the inside window sill.
If you want, the opening part of the window can be fitted with a water deflector, which is attached using clips.
This water deflector stops water from getting into the frame.
The frames are built using at least two crimped cleats or a system of clamps, if the size of the frame makes it necessary (a frame assembled using this method can be fully dismantled).
Thermal cutting is performed using polyamide strengthened with fibreglass, which results in a V-shape that enhances the length and boosts the insulating power.
The cross-bar structures are all prepared by hand and made watertight with a silicon adhesive. This system ensures a neat, durable finish.
●  Glazing :
Clear, super-insulating (K=1.1) 4/14/4 double glazing by Saint Gobain (or GlassFandel Deutschland). Composition; 2 sheets of 4 mm-thick glass, one of which is super-insulating, with several layers of metal oxide coating and a 14 mm space filled with the insulating gas argon.
We would be happy to advise you on the best glazing to meet your needs (light, insulation, safety, acoustic comfort, etc.).
●  Hardware :
We have been using the German firm AUBI for window-related hardware for the past 32 years (old spare parts are readily available).
If the window has more than one opening, the main opening will be fitted with a booster to reduce the traction on the hinges: the bottom of window will never scrape any surfaces.
The other opening will be fitted with a built-in handle (no lock) that operates several closing points, making the frame completely watertight.
If the opening part of the frame is particularly large, closing points will be positioned around its edge, including on the side opposite the handle.

All of our doors are fitted with a safety catch with five closing points, including four tapered spindles that reach deep into the support for the fixed part of the frame (no small rollers). Our doors also come with a kältefeind (an automatic seal on the lower cross-bar that lifts up when the door is opened) (G) and large Hahn hinges (screwed in through the support for the fixed part of the frame) that can be adjusted three ways by screw.
The lock cylinders are made by LITTO.

●  Accessories :
Our affixable Georgian bars are moulded and counter-profiled so that they will match up with the moulded glass beads (you can see an example in our showroom).
False arches can be created using three panels that closely follow the curve of the brickwork.
One of the panels, which will be invisible in the finished structure, is attached to the top of the fixed part of the window, while the other two are stuck to either side of the glass. A special anti-dirt coating is then applied to the porous part of the panels.
●  Installation :
The frame is fixed in place using galvanised steel retaining brackets (or anchor rods, but no foam): there is no thermal bridge between external and internal brickwork.
A Compriband pre-compressed seal is fitted.
The outside of the building is resealed with cement if the gaps between the wall and the frame are too large.
The space between the outside wall and the frame is sealed with a neutral silicon seal.
The frame is adjusted, opened out and balanced.
We perform a check-up and maintenance visit after six months
Important : We never ask sub-contractors or self-employed workers to install your frames, so you have guaranteed quality at all times

●  Guarantee :        
- Guaranteed for a total of 10 years, as per the applicable law
- Manufactured in line with the standard ATG 1251
- Installation in line with the standard STS 52
- Our safety frames bear the SAFLEX Inside label (soon to be changed to i3) and are regularly tested
  by the Belgian National Fire Protection Association (a subsidiary of our company deals exclusively
  with securing bank branches in Belgium and Luxembourg).